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In my professional opinion, Ugu is on the brink of systemic collapse. The issue is complex. At present, we are receiving only 16% Service Delivery. I have been monitoring daily now for some months and have enough data to do analytics on. That 16% means that for 16 days out of 100 we receive water at the required pressure. This is an important distinction to make, because about 50% of the time we do have some water, but pressure is too low to enable delivery across a topography characterised by undulating terrain. For about 25% of the time we have no water at all. This is likely to be representative of most of the Ugu area of supply, but it will vary depending on sub-system architecture.

What is evident from the data I have captured, is that as soon as system pressure goes above 3 Bar, we can anticipate failure shortly thereafter. This pattern is now evident in the data and the more I capture, the stronger that signal is likely to be.

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