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Not many events in our recent history have been understood to the same extent as the struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa as a struggle between good and evil, in which the oppressed black majority played the role of the good and the white minority in power the evil.

Great was therefore the enthusiasm and expectations when a regime that was difficult to defend was finally dismantled and the longtime prisoner Nelson Mandela was elected South Africa’s first black president in 1994. And the fact that the movement against apartheid had both gross violence and Marxist ideas in its baggage was not allowed to spoil the party.

Now, almost thirty years later, we can see that the country has experienced tremendous economic decline and has become an ultra-violent society with widespread urban decay. How did that happen?

That’s among the themes of Swedish-British filmmaker Pelle Taylor’s new film “The Truth about Apartheid… and its consequences today”, as Document showed at a readers’ meeting in Oslo on Wednesday 13 September. We have the great honor and pleasure to present this documentary to all our readers, viewers and listeners.

Source (Norwegian): DocTV. Get in touch with the Producer of this documentary, Pelle Taylor, at pelletaylor@protonmail.com

Check out the full video below:

Wetland-in-a-Box™ Team Interviews

Some of the Wetland-in-a-Box™ Team Members were interviewed by Pelle during the production of this documentary. Look out for the interview with Professor Anthony Turton at 41:10 and 50:47 into the video below, Kobus Janse van Rensburg (although not a direct member of the Wetland-in-a-Box™ Team, Kobus is the Chairperson of the Emfuleni Ratepayers’ Association, pivotal to positive change, and Gerhard’s brother), at 1:01:13 and Gerhard Janse van Rensburg at 47.31, 1:00:21 and 1:01:42.

NOTE: ENPRO is an apolitical organization, passionate about spreading word of the Wetland-in-a-Box™ technology, and avid advocates of the truth.


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