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South Africa is in a water crisis. Dry taps, limited supply and poor water quality are just some of the challenges South Africans face every day. What is the water situation in the country? And what solutions can South Africans implement?

Unpacking the current state of water infrastructure in South Africa

In an Investec podcast water expert, Professor Anthony Turton says that the National Water Source Strategy study indicated that SA had allocated 98% of all the water available nationally. In other words, there was only 2% of the water left for existing lawful uses. “The simple reality is that we don’t have any water left to allocate and we have to start doing things better.”

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  1. Willem Francois (Wim) Wybenga

    A very important topic that needs to be taken more seriously by the presidency. ‘Analysis paralysis’ might summarise the content within the governmental context. Please check the paragraph on ‘Rainwater harvesting systems’: “typical rainwater in SA is 5.6 pH to 5.6 pH” – a typing error.
    I noticed a research article on the internet that SA’s rainwater is typically around 5,6, but it can be lower as well depending on the region.


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