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South Africans need to brace themselves, especially those in the economic hub of Johannesburg in Gauteng, for a looming water shutdown that could last at least six months. The Lesotho Highlands Water Project, which supplies 60% of Gauteng’s water demand and irrigation water for commercial farms, is scheduled for shutdown from October 2024.

Water scarcity became a reality last month when Johannesburg was left without water for almost two weeks after a breakdown. Rand Water – which supplies three Gauteng metros in Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni, pleaded with residents to reduce their water consumption. A report published last year by the national department of water and sanitation painted a grim picture of the country’s water resources and water infrastructure.

To discuss the future of water in South Africa, we’re joined in the studio by the Founder and Group Managing Director of BT Industrial, Kgomotso Lekola, virtually we’re joined by an Associate Professor and Water Management Expert at Unisa, Professor Anja du Plessis, and a water expert from the University of the Free State – Centre for Environmental Management, Dr Anthony Turton. Rand Water was invited to participate in the discussion but declined, saying they are able to supply water to municipal customers and localised water challenges should be directed to various municipalities.

Get the full story at Source: SABC News.


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