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Certain sections of the Vaal River are covered with a blanket of water lettuce and hyacinth, which are known to spread at alarming speed. It’s been a longstanding problem at the Hartbeestpoort Dam, and now the Vaal, an important source of water for Gauteng, is under threat.

See the full story here – Source (Norwegian): eNCA.

Vaal River Rats South Africa

Thank you to Gerrie Saunders who distributed many of the materials, and a big Shout Out to Andrew Surtees and the many selfless, thankless Volunteers of the Vaal River Rats who are making a difference – We thought it appropriate to place the following videos here to expose the full extent of the problem (check out the scary aerial video) and the gallant Volunteers of Eligwa Club in cleanup effort (apologies if we did not give due credit to all the Originators of all the wonderful and exposing media; we’re still trying to find the name of the Aerial Photographer…).

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of videos and photographs; please visit the Vaal River Rats’ Facebook page for more.


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